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Jesus for Europe is a team organised on a relationship basis to serve and help Bible loving churches in evangelism - to help provide opportunity for Christians to learn, experience & grow in sharing Jesus, bringing light into darkness.


Evangelism is spiritual, and it is by the Word and the Spirit’s power that we operate. So people from every background and race can hear the Father's voice calling them by name to himself.


The call is for ordinary men and women who are passionate for Jesus and His Kingdom (or wanting to become so), ready to carry God's presence and message of Love to a lost world.


A few one-liners to get to grips with where we are coming from:

Church based - Kingdom orientated

God's presence and Word central to our activities

Looking to the Holy Spirit for His powerful intervention

Lots of fun as we learn new keys to open doors

Helping one another to see breakthrough

Gifted men & women inputting to equip us

Transformed minds - putting revelation into practice

Trusting Jesus to guide us

Becoming better equipped and more effective

Celebrating risk taking, stepping out into new things

Worshipping & thanking God every step of the way

Who God is to us, He will be through us !

Let’s get filled, stay filled and share Him with others

So, lets go catch some fish !

Statement of faith here !


Christmas Impact SEVILLE (ESP)

15-20 Dec 2017


16-18 mars 2018

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Summer 2018


Summer 2018

Harvest in le Havre

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