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Equipping the body of Christ to bring in the Kingdom of God
God loves people. The Father sent His Son with the purpose of enabling us to have a direct intimate relationship with Himself. The way we think of the People Jesus died for and how we are to share Him is important.
Our terminology helps create a culture and way of thinking regarding how we look at people. Below are some areas for reflection:
The role of the Evangelist
Gods supernatural and unique building project (the Church) includes the gift of the Evangelist.
The gift of Evangelist is essentially Gods gifting placed in a man or woman to help equip God’s Church & people to reach out to those He loves.
Evangelists come in many shapes and colours, local and trans local. Some are equippers, others more sowers & reapers. The measure of gifting can range considerably
The Evangelist helps with the ushering in of Gods Kingdom (in actions, words & God’s power). God has called us all into a partnership with Himself, left to our own devices, the fish simply swim through the net!
Evangelists help us to see ways we can use our natural skills and circumstances to build relational bridges with those around us.
The evangelist will encourage us into a personal encounter with God so that as Christians we are transformed by God’s word and Spirit, properly motivating us to get involved with people.
The role of Evangelism
All born-again Christians are wired for God to speak through them and use them to influence other’s lives. The Holy Spirit and the word give us God’s heart beat.
Jesus demonstrated to His 12 disciples how to bring in Kingdom (through power encounters). He then departed with instructions for them to continue the work in the same way. That command has not changed.
Each one of us has a unique contribution to make. God wants to use our individual character, personality, humour and tailor-made lives.
The Father has certain people set aside specially for us to reach.
God has a unique way He will speak to each individual person.
There are many ways to catch fish! from rods (individual relationships) to nets. ( working together) etc
Jesus looked at the Gadarene demoniac with very different eyes to the local towns people. Having seen the Fathers will, Jesus could see the future “evangelist”!
Final thought:
There are certain things we will not be able to do in heaven and one of them is to share with non-believers what Jesus Christ has done for us.

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