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Testimonies are always encouraging; God moves and breaks in in a way that only He can. Testimonies glorify Jesus, stimulate our faith and stir us to believe for more, both for ourselves and others. Below are a collection of Faith building stories, thank you to all those who have shared
clic on the photos to open the testimonies).



Nathalie's testimony



Marinette's testimony



Michelle's testimony

Rébecca's testimony


Our friend Paul Flanagan who lives in Brighton has a passion for sharing Jesus and praying for folk. Following he shares how he met up with Carl and Maria (clic on the photos to see the testimony):

Over the years, I’ve had many good conversations and prayed with people on the streets and buses etc. However, I’ve never seen people come into the church and be added. 2001 for me was different. Here are a couple of stories....

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