We believe it is important to follow up teaching with practice. Our times together are spent being equiped with biblical truth and then putting them into action.


An example of some of the subjects include : 

Sharing your testimony, crossing the chicken line, praying for people in public, praise and worship in the streets,  using evangelism tools ex. Surveys & prophetic cards, taking spiritual gifts into the market place etc.  We also look at more meaty subjects connected to the work of God's Word and Spirit in salvation.


Our teams seek to serve churches, in this spirit we ask that :

  • Your language level is such that you can get by without need of translation Ex: able to share your testimony (enquire if you are not sure).

  • You need to have the backing and recommendation of a leader - there are forms for you and them to fill in (see below).

  • You need to be able to support yourself financially.

  • You will have to organise your own transport to and from the church.

  • We anticipate to lodge team members with members of a church, this however is not always possible


Tavernes de la Valigna  (Spain)

7-10 May 2020

Belfort  (France)

22-24 May 2020

Bruxelles  (Belgium)

29-31 May 2020

Life Camp, Côte d'Opale (France)

19-26 July 2020

Enquires to Marina -

Cranbrook (UK)

Information soon

Bremen (Germany)

September 2020, more information soon


To join a team,

please fill in the following forms :


Application form.doc

Recommendation form.doc



Formulaire d'inscription.doc

Formulaire de recommandation.doc

Please send us your pictures here

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