Starting a brand-new relationship with Jesus


- God wants to meet you in your unique need and situation.  He wants you to see that He is alive, risen from the dead, and loves you.  Here are a few facts that will help you understand about God’s relationship towards you


- God has been near to you, desiring a relationship with you, since the day you were born.


- You can become a Christian any time, it requires a decision from you.  Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart, he awaits. When you are ready, open the door. 


- God loves you with a love you have not yet experienced.  The power of His love transforms us from the inside out.


 - When you open your life to Him He will permanently come and dwell inside of you.

He is not going to leave you when you get it wrong.


-  God wants to fill you with His power and presence.  At the moment, you may feel a prisoner to some things in your life.  You do not see how things can change.  Your decisions

and Jesus power will put you on the path to more and more freedom.


- Jesus wants the best for your life.  As you line-up with what He has said in the Bible,

adjusting the way you think and live, good results will follow.


- God made you for a relationship with Himself.  If you think you are ready to begin a relationship with Jesus, talking directly with Him can be the first step.  Following is a short dialogue you may want to use in getting started.


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and wanting to build a loving relationship with me. I recognise that there is the problem of my wrong-doing and that, until now, I have resisted you.  Now, I invite you into my life.  Forgive my wrong doing ( the Bible calls sin ).  Thank you for dying on the cross for me, taking my sin and rising from the dead.   I place my life in your hands.  From this day forward, please guide and direct me.  Help me to follow you and trust you according to your word and promises.


- Now stop a moment, God wants to speak to you!  This often happens through thoughts he will bring to memory, by reading His word, the Bible.  Things you need to say or do, things to put right.


- God wants you connected with other believers.  Those of like mind will encourage and help you in your new journey.


- For any further questions do feel free to get in touch via contact below.


We’d love to hear from you!  thank you.

Martin Chapman

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